Before I had any idea what my career path would be I was led by the duo of my curiosity and vivid imagination. Even though I am technically a 90’s baby, I was raised on the 80s storytelling of John Hughes. Then it was super high budget rap videos directed by Hype Williams and some cartoons. 

Eventually, these building blocks would pique my interest in all things design from clothing and footwear to chairs and buildings.

I am an autodidact who engages in the many facets of various cultures and industries because of my genuine curiosity. I taught myself the use of Photoshop and other programs within Adobe's Design Suite. My bold vision, my creative taste, and search for personal truths keep me away from social conformity. This all adds to my constant stream of personal inspiration. 

It is my search for personal truths that keeps me away from social conformity, and that also adds to my constant stream of personal inspiration

I strive for each of my projects to reflect a renaissance in time that highlights individuality and pushes boundaries to elevate self-expression. My dedication and passion for good ideas reinforce my ideology that you can grow up and still have fun.