Who Is Noel Bronson?

I am never bored, but always tired and heavily addicted to learning new things. I am still finding out who I am through what I make thus leaving me in perpetual beta. Not a fan of titles, but I have been credited as Graphic Designer, Consultant, and Art Director but, the only title I care about is "Father".

Who Is Your Favorite Rapper Of All Time?

Kid Cudi - I am a Cudi super fan. Those HUMS!!

What Book Should I Read?

Fahrenheit 451* by Ray Bradbury, It's a big part of why I read so much. It's fiction and all about how the government bans books because they promote free thought. 


What's Your Fav Shoe Of All Time

That one was super hard. I remember being really young and taping Retro Jordan cards to my wall and always circling the 4s. Then after that, it was the True Blue Jordan 3s for a long time. After getting those pairs throughout my life my love for them have sadly faded.

Currently, my fav sneaker I own is the Uptempo 94s. The pod designs give me super Robotech vibes. 

What Do You Do?

I know it's really rude to answer a question with a question, but I want to know why do strangers ask this shortly after meeting you in a public gathering. It's like "hey my name is X. What do you do?" Sometimes it puts me in an awkward position like what should I say without coming off pretentious.

but, Chris Black has this quote where he pretty much says he can do whatever anyone believes he should be paid for.

How Do You Maintain Curiosity?

That I am truly not sure. Over the last few years, I have been referred to by others as "naturally curious". I never thought about why I wanted to know things I just did, but to answer your question I maintain it by 

  1. Always asking questions. Most of my convos are filled with WHY and HOW.

  2. Never be scared to admit you don't know something. So many people are embarrassed to feel like the least knowledgable person in the room. I love being in those rooms cause I know I'm leaving smarter.

How Do Your Services Help Your Client Reach Their Target Demographics And Or Market?

This might be an insensitive analogy, so forgive me in advance.

When countries go to war they send out soldiers into the field. Then you also have those specialized soldiers who get in, takes out the target and get out. Comes home to a medal and the country gets a win. I am one of those specialized soldiers.

Did that make sense? 

Can A Project Be Too Small For You To Work On?

NOPE. Let's get it!

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Not sure what this refers to but, everyone has ideas. Big, small, random, bad, good, whatever, but not everyone acts on these ideas. One of my many goals is to use social media to be fully transparent on me taking an idea from start to finish.

Like if you follow it closely I might post an article and underline something I found inspiring. Then the next thing you know those words inspired this t-shirt graphic or some shit.

I just want to show everyone including my self that ideas are a lot more valuable outside your imagination. Even this whole thing here, I turned my site's FAQ page into an interview with questions sourced from Instagram. I executed the idea less than 24 hours after conceiving it. 

What Is Your Favorite Chair?

Right now I'm sitting on my old sofa but can see both my “Oh Chair” by Karim Rashid as well as my Eames Shell Chair. Right now my fav chair is Philippe Starck's Ghost Chair. I've been secretly (not much anymore) ideating on a retail store I want to open in the next few years & the design of it is inspired by that chair.

What Has Been Your Most Meaningful Project?

I had a VERY minor part, but it has to be Ju Working On Project summer Camp powered by Nike. I still get DM's to this day of kids saying how the week-long activation changed them for the better. Who knows where they can end up just from that experience.

What Is Your Main Source Of Mining Consumer Insights?

I was in a meeting not too long ago, and I said. I know what the people want cause I go to where the people are and pay attention. And someone else in the meeting said: "like Ethnography?"

So yeah, Ethnography, but I still refer to it as being in the field while caring about the field.

What Is The Best Way To Contact You?

@NoelBronson on IG, I answer more DMs than text these days. 

but, if you're feeling fancy Noel@Noelbronson.com